First Time Visitor

Gainsborough Friends are a small and friendly Meeting with around 20 active members and attenders.

We would like to welcome anyone who is interested in joining with us in a quiet time of silence and contemplation in the Quaker tradition.

Our meetings are based on silence: a silence of waiting and listening. There may be silence for quite some time, perhaps half an hour or more. But that does not mean nothing is happening.

Go in as soon as you are ready. Sit anywhere you like, but if possible leave seats near the door and at the end of rows for latecomers.


You may find it easy to relax in the silence and enter into the spirit of the meeting, or you may be disturbed by the strangeness of the silence, by distractions outside or by your own thoughts. Don't worry about this. We all find it difficult to settle at times. Try, if only for brief periods, to be quiet in mind, body and spirit.


The silence may be broken if someone present feels called to say something which will deepen and enrich the worship. Anyone is free to speak or read aloud, as long as it is done in response to a prompting of the spirit which comes in the course of the meeting. This breaks the silence for the moment but does not interrupt it.


After about an hour, two people (usually called elders) will shake hands to mark the end of the worship. The clerk may then announce forthcoming events and give news of members.


Afterwards, do feel free to speak to anyone, particularly if you wish to know more about Quakers. Literature is available and books can be borrowed from our library.

We always share a cup of tea or coffee at the end of the meeting. Please join us.